What is the deadline for submissions for The Relentless Award, 2017?

The deadline for 2017 has passed (May 31, 2017). Check back, or visit our facebook page, as 2018's submission deadline will be announced soon...

Is there a limit to the number of submissions per playwright?

Yes. We ask that playwrights limit submissions to one script per year.

Will I receive any notification or a rejection letter about my script?

Once you submit, you'll receive email confirmation that your script and accompanying materials have been received. Please allow a few days for this confirmation to arrive, as they are processed manually. Unless your script is advancing to the semifinalist level, you will not be contacted. If you don't hear from an APF representative by October 10, 2017, you can assume that your script is not advancing. The APF does not provide script feedback.

If I submit, and then make revisions to my script, can I submit again and provide an updated draft?

No. As soon as your script is submitted, it is distributed and our readers begin evaluating it. We unfortunately cannot allow new drafts to be submitted, as we cannot disrupt processing once it's underway.

The award specifies that scripts must be “unproduced.” My script received a workshop/reading/production but I’m not sure whether it’s eligible. How does the APF define “unproduced”?

Developmental readings and workshops do not limit a script's eligibility. The American Playwriting Foundation defines the difference between workshops and full productions based on the following factors: union affiliation and/or contract level, number of performances, tech elements, press coverage, and professional versus amateur artists involved. Generally speaking, plays produced in an educational context are considered unproduced, and therefore eligible for the Relentless Award. If you're unsure whether your play received a full production, please email info@americanplaywritingfoundation.org, and the American Playwriting Foundation staff will determine whether the script is eligible, at their discretion.

My play has original songs, but it is not a musical. Can I submit?

Yes. As stated in the guidelines, musicals are not eligible for the Relentless Award. However, if original music is an element of your piece, within the context of a straight play (for example, it's a play about a band), it is eligible for consideration. If music is justified as part of the action of a straight play, or “play with music”, as opposed to a “musical”, we’ll absolutely consider it.

Some institutions define "one-act" versus "full-length" differently. What does the APF consider a "full-length" piece?

We do not have a minimum page requirement, or exact specifications as to what makes a play a one-act versus a full-length play. A defined act break is not required. We hope that the general definition of “full-length” speaks for itself. About an hour minimum runtime is a rough, general rule of thumb. If you feel that your play is a complete, full-length piece, we'll consider it.

Am I sacrificing rights to production or publication by applying for the Relentless Award?

No. The award money distributed to winners is not a payment being made in exchange for production rights—the author of the winning script will be presented with the option to publish, and to have their work developed at various theatrical institutions, but these are opportunities, not obligations. The winner is free to use award money as they see fit.

I am not available for the residency offered at SPACE on Ryder Farm. Does this disqualify me?

If you aren't available for the residency, you are still eligible for the award. As noted above, the opportunities that the APF provides to playwrights are just that— opportunities, not requirements.

Are adaptations eligible for consideration?

Yes. However, if the work you are adapting is not in the public domain, you may want to research copyright info and/or investigate how to go about optioning the piece if necessary, and if you haven’t already. We strongly encourage all playwrights working on adaptations to make sure their work is legal and authorized.

I am an agent or mentor to a writer that would like to submit. Can I do so on the writer's behalf?

No. We ask that all writers submit their own materials directly, and provide their own contact information on the submission form. There is no fee to submit.

I am a theater professional writing a letter of recommendation for a writer who plans to submit. Are there are specific requirements that the letter should address?

Feel free to structure your letter of recommendation as you see fit. You can speak specifically to the script in consideration, and/or more generally about the playwright's merit and personal qualities. The letter does not need to be anonymous, and may contain the recommended author's name.


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