Thank you to all who submitted their work to be considered for the 2018 Relentless Award. After countless hours of reading, we're thrilled to announce this year's winners.

The 2018 Relentless Award

2018 Relentless Award Winner

The Bandaged Place

by Harrison David Rivers

Read The New York Times announcement here.

2018 Finalists

The 626 Project by Lisa Sanaye Dring

The Girl is Chained by Genne Murphy

Winner of The 2018 Relentless Award: Harrison David Rivers. Photo credit: Zack Dezon

2018 Semifinalists

The Absentee by Julia Doolittle

cullud wattah by Erika Dickerson-Despenza

The End of a Sound by Ann Gillespie

littleghost by Liza Birkenmeier

Our Dear Dead Drug Lord by Alexis Scheer

suspension by Kristiana Colón

With Great Difficulty Alice Sits by Hannah Kenah



Honorable Mentions

american (tele)visions by Victor I. Cazares

Biting Hands by Laura Winters

But When I Started to Play! by Max Baker

Immortality Crisis by Alexander Pine

Montag by Kate Tarker

PSYCHOPSYCHOTIC, or, everyone at yale is a goddamn sociopath!!! by Alexa Derman

Cave Canem by A. Emmanuel Leadon

TJ Love Sally 4 Ever by James Ijames

We Are Radios by Chana Porter

WOLFCRUSH (a queer werewolf play in three acts) by Haygen-Brice Walker

Eight semifinalist plays are chosen by the Relentless Subcommittee and presented to the Relentless judges who then select the Relentless Winner and Relentless Finalists. Honorable Mentions are also selected by the Subcommittee.

Past Winners of The Relentless Award


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